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Computer Engineer, Writer, explorer and improver.

Learn How To Power Up Your MongoDB Or Mongoose With Few Tricks.

Last year, somewhere around Christmas, I started my journey as a NodeJS developer with MongoDB. I know in starting. I made many rookie mistakes and spend plenty of hours in StackOverflow and GitHub to find an appropriate solution. After several exhausting experiences. I find small but very useful tricks in MongoDB or mongoose.

1. lean()

When you execute any query in mongoose before the result, mongoose performs hydrate() a model function, which is used to create a new document from existing raw data, pre-saved in the DB. The returned document Is an instance of Mongoose Document class which is much heavy because…

Learn which for loop or iterator suits your requirement and stops you from making silly mistakes that cost your app performance.

JavaScript is a new sensation of web development. Not only JS frameworks like NodeJS, React, Angular Vue, etc. But, also vanilla JS has a large fan base. Let’s talk about modern JavaScript. Loops have always been a big part of most programming languages. Modern JS gives you lots of ways to iterate or looping over your values.

But question is that do you really know which loop or iterate fits best according to your requirement. There are plenty of…

Before getting, in brief, I want to say I’m kind of a close-minded(rigid) person. Who laughs when someone talks about spirituality and astrological stuff. But after a few strange experiences, I changed a lot.

Same Numbers Over & Over Again

It’s all started when I coincidently notice the time. I was working on a client’s project. I received a message from a client at midnight approximately around 12.15 AM that some of their customers is facing some issues while accessing the website and told me to resolve it as soon as possible. I woke up and turn on my laptop to get an idea of what…

Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki

I Start Finding A Usable Package From Create A Sudoku Pair In Python. But I Fail So I Create My Own Package.

Install Package Using pip install sudoku-create.

You Can Suggest Me On My Source Code GitHub.

Help Me To Improve My Code I’m Noob 🤓🤓.

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